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Hello, I'm Pawel.

UX Team Lead with passion and empathy for people. Currently working on AI-driven management platform at Publicis Re:Sources.

Shaping the Future of
Content Management

We’re streamlining content management, igniting content creation, and ensuring pinpoint precision in asset delivery across 50 Publicis studios. All thanks to the power of Adobe AI-powered tools and integrations.


Connected Publicis studios


Estimated market growth

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Making Timesheets simple and accessible

Redesigned Publicis rOar, achieved 97/100 accessibility score, updated 7 major modules, created 22 prototypes. Setting the stage for ROAR-X —a production powerhouse for creative agencies.


Nearly perfect accessibility score


Modules improved

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Crafting exceptional Booking System

We empowered property managers to unlock a treasure trove of rental income, slash management costs, and skyrocket their net income yield. Also improved overall booking experience for tenants. Talk about a win-win!


User engagement increased


Increase in net income yield

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Transforming Property Management Software

UX Journey that slashed training time, streamlined operations, and boosted productivity by 60%


Reduced staff training time


Styling issues reduced

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Other projects

For over a decade, I’ve been crafting design solutions that address client and user needs. I’m still passionate about some of my old projects, and I invite you to explore them here. You’ll find a diverse portfolio spanning mobile and desktop applications across various industries.