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Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found

The theme of the second ArtStation Community Challenge is Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found. We?re challenging artists to go beyond imagining a bygone civilization, and bring it to life with a compelling narrative.

The Challenge will start with three concept art categories (Keyframe Concept Art, Character Concept Art, and Environment Concept Art) and will run for four weeks. We will then open up four production categories (Game Character Art, Game Environment/Level Art, Film/VFX Character Art and Film/VFX Digital Matte Painting) which will run for the next four weeks.



The idea and atmosphere

A bit late to the party! The idea is to create something mysterious and unique – symmetrical, monumental structures, something that reminds cosmic temples or megacities.

My main inspiration is the nature – pyrite (“they’re not rocks – they’re minerals, Marie” ( ?? ????) ) and some unusual formations like Lena Pillars in Russia or Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

I want to show contrast between old but also build a mysterious, gloomy atmosphere.

Mood board: