I play drums and sometimes I compose

Quite often I'm inspired by my favourite movies or video games.

Sand Warriors

I have a lot of energy and that reflects in my music as well!

Flying Carpet Trader

Funny fact: I never travelled to Middle East!


Another fun fact: I'm a self taught musician.

The Adventure

I really like to create harmonies and uplifting melodies.

The Dream

My music is usually linked to the my artworks and illustrations.

Sauron's Forge

Sometimes I experiment with some sound backgrounds.

Morning Dew

My compositions are created locally on my computer with some modern software and sound libraries.

Celtic Forest

When I compose I build a few notes and then slowly expand the whole composition - just like a painting.

The Anvil

I like to think that music can tell some stories even without any words or singer.

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If you are interested in buying my music, you can contact me directly via email pt.kozera@gmail.com

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