Shingadia London



Who is Shingadia London?

From the website: “Given our many years of experience in property investment, we are able to identify suitable investment properties in line with our investors? individually devised strategy in creating and/or accelerating the growth of their property portfolio.”

The Challenge

The challenge was to build responsive website and logo for ambitious, new company.

“We understand that every investor is different. Some are new to the market and require a more personal, hands-on service whereas the more experience investors only look to our expertise in identifying successful investments. All are investors are comfortable in the knowledge that their investment needs and requirements will be catered for.”


The Idea

New and ambitious company needs strong brand identity. I decided to use less typical photos. Instead of well-known London views I wanted to use lesser-known images. Raw and natural photo is sometimes better than tourist attraction.


AC Line Regular

PYRS: AC Line: 2013

Version 1.000

Author: Anna Churkina


I decided to use some strong colours – warm pink and light blue.

Photo stock

UI Details / Mockups


Final design

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