Studio Ruchu Mieta



Who is Studio Ruchu Mieta?

Mięta (polish word for mint) it’s a studio who wants to attract clients through mood and intimacy. They want to create a community of people who wish to practice under the supervision of qualified instructors and take care of their progress. Workouts in the studio are enriched with the latest trends in the fitness industry. They offer a wide range of workouts (relax, cardio, strength, fitness and dance).

The Challenge

The challenge was to build modern website for young, energetic and enthusiastic group. The website should be mobile-friendly and focused on communication (the clients usually had a lot of enquiries about workout hours). Very important was to connect it with Facebook fan-page which is their main source of news.


The Idea

Mięta (polish word for mint) and the polish slogan is a phrase “Feel the mint for sport” (“Poczuj miętę do ruchu”) which translates to “Fall in love in sports!”. I decided to use mint colour and informal typography to show the spirit of this place.

A good example for inspiration sent by studio was website

Font: Amatic SC

Amatic SC (Small Caps) is a simple but effective hand drawn webfont. It can be used for titling and small runs of text. It was initially designed by Vernon Adams, and concieved of to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.
It features both Latin and Hebrew alphabets. The Latin was initially designed by Vernon Adams. The Hebrew was designed by Ben Nathan, who also revised the Latin design. Thomas Jockin respaced and kerned the whole font.


Dark sea green and warm violet was a great choice. During my research I already had photos from promo session – and these colours were perfect match.

Main Color (#a5d6a7)

Complementary Color (#d6a5d4)

Photo shooting

UI Details



Final design

Thanks for watching!

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